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Diagnostics on Call (DOC)

Accurate, Effective, Affordable COVID-19 Testing and diagnostics

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Diagnostics on Call (DOC)


Over 20,000 COVID-19 Tests done nationwide.

Diagnostics on Call (D.O.C.) in partnership with Lagman Diagnostics offers the latest COVID-19 Antigen and Antibody testing services in the market. Using only the latest FINA dry fluorescence immunoassay analyzer, the Covid-19 Antigen Swab and Antibody tests boast superior accuracy.

To ensure ultimate convenience and keep your workforce happy, D.O.C. offers both in-clinic and on-site services with results in 15 mins.

D.O.C. also offers immunization, blood chemistry and other diagnostic services in the comfort of your home or office.

  Products/ Services  

- COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Test (100% sensitivity & specificity)
- 15 mins. COVID-19 Antigen Swab test (96% sensitivity & 98% specificity)
- Pneumonia & Flu Vaccines
- Blood Chemistry and Diagnostics

  Francorp Partner Benefits  

- Special corporate rates
- Priority booking & servicing

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