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Bake Like a Pro with PH Arrival of HK’s First App-Powered Baking Studio

Co-baking studio franchise looking to expand into the Philippines.

When was the last time you baked something? For many people, the answer is likely "never," or “not in a long time.” Although nothing is more rewarding than creating something with your own hands, a lot of would-be bakers put off baking because of a lack of space, difficulty in getting ingredients or a lack of knowledge.

Bakebe is Hong Kong’s first and only co-baking studio that uses an app to teach everyone how to bake in an easy-to-follow retail environment along with inspirational menus and detailed app-enabled instructions. Bakebe’s app-enabled teaching content aims to make baking accessible for all, regardless of experience and schedule limitations. Traditional baking classes are typically limited to an experienced pastry chef teaching small-class students one-on-one. However, this setup is limited by space, professional manpower, and timing of schedules. They're also much more expensive.

Creating a modern wonderland of baking

Bakebe has developed an extremely user-friendly app to provide detailed instructions, with a comprehensive step-by-step guide to allow participants to take on their baking project of choice, all by themselves with ease. All the necessary tools and ingredients will be provided in the intuitively designed store, thus supporting a 95 percent success rate for even first-time bakers visiting the store. People participating could experience first-hand the sensation of raw ingredients becoming beautiful delicacies with as little stress as possible.

A superstar brand

The Founder of Bakebe, Venus Chi, has been heavily involved with lifestyle entertainment and online social influence through her previous roles as a TV host, emceeing at high-profile events, and becoming a food blogger to build a loyal base of millennial consumers. One of her strong culinary advocacies is to create accessible love-filled homemade dishes. As such, she wanted to create something that would allow everyone to have the opportunity to cook and bake with their own two hands, for their loved ones. And that's how Bakebe was born.

Chi envisioned Bakebe as a space of magical transformations. By combining the expertise of professional bakers with the Bakebe App, Venus aims to set up a learning structure that would allow everyone to experience the joy of baking. This creates a space for modern millennials to distress and to take time-out from the routines of their busy lives.

Baking success, one cake at a time

In its first year of operations, Bakebe has welcomed over 10,000 guests into their studio in Hong Kong. With over 75 percent of these guests being women, Bakebe has become one of the most popular locations in the territory for private parties, bridal showers, engagement parties, anniversary and birthday celebrations. And with food bloggers, TV personalities and social media influencers as regular guests of Bakebe, it has fast become Hong Kong’s go-to location for baking’s latest trends. Menu items include enticing “instagrammable” unicorn cakes, macarons, piñata cakes and cake pops.

In the next five years, the Asia Pacific region will be the fastest growing market in the world in individual baking growth (three percent-plus year-on-year, 1.7 percent higher than global average). The Philippines, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Vietnam will see the highest growth in individual baking. Bakebe is eyeing its first expansion in the Philippines via franchising.

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