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Francorp: Leading the World in Franchise Consulting

Francorp Philippines

Francorp is the worldwide leader in franchise development and consulting. From our headquarters in Chicago, Francorp has grown to 22 offices and hundreds of franchise consultants not only in the United States, but all over South America, Asia, the Middle East, and South Africa. We have developed over 3,000 franchise businesses and assisted more than 10,000 companies worldwide in their franchise expansion, and have been named as one of the top 100 management consulting firms in North America by Consultation News. Our company is regularly quoted in business publications like The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fortune, Business Week, Entrepreneur and Forbes.

Francorp Philippines is part of the worldwide network of Francorp International. Organized in Manila in 1996, it is today’s premier and leading franchise consulting firm in the Philippines, with over 700 successful franchises developed or assisted at various stages of their growth. Francorp franchise clients account for majority of the total franchises in the Philippine market and works nationwide with as many as 10,000 entrepreneurs a year through franchise seminars, events, media and other marketing activities. These clients, who value our company’s expertise and experience, make us the industry leader that we are today.

Grow your business from one to many through franchising!

Our Mission

To help Filipino entrepreneurs discover their franchise potential.


To assist Filipino businesses to rapidly expand their operations nationally and internationally, using the right franchise strategies and techniques.


To aid local franchisors in improving or revitalizing their existing franchise.


To educate entrepreneurs on the benefits of franchising.

Our Mission

Our Vision

The promotion of franchising as a tool for business growth and economic development by multiplying enterprises and creating jobs.

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