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Buri Technologies Digital Franchise Operations Manuals

Digital Franchise Operations Manuals, e-learning technology (online learning delivery) and content creation.

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Buri Technologies Digital Franchise Operations Manuals


Buri Technologies has won international awards for the design of educational technology, published apps that have topped their categories in the app store, help both private and public organizations in converting their training programs online, and continuously work towards our vision of modern, practical, and accessible digital education.

From online management systems to digital and app based franchise operations manuals, Buri technology can help transform your content, documents and training materials into an interactive digital format.

  Products/ Services  

- Digital Franchise Operations Manuals
- Customized e-learning content creation
- Learning Management System (desktop and app)

  Francorp Partner Benefits  

- Discounted fees
- Priority Servicing
- Integration into IFC Academy Learning Platform

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