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4 Christmas Gifts that Will Reap Rewards for Entrepreneurs in 2022

It’s our second Christmas during the pandemic but this one definitely looks brighter and merrier. The strict quarantine and travel restrictions are being eased and lifted due to the increasing rate of vaccinations, which is in contrast to that of the number of cases.

As people are starting to go out of their houses and get together with their families, relatives, and friends, businesses are foreseen to rake in higher profits, and most of which can be attributed to revenge spending. The bounce back from last year’s challenges is truly worth the wait.

But what we went through will never be forgotten - from business closures and zero income to reducing workforce and staying afloat. Businesses of all kinds were hit by the pandemic in some ways or another and still being in the industry means that business owners have done everything in their power to formulate and implement strategies so that their business could

adapt and flourish.

As a business owner, you have done your part and you deserve only the best Christmas this year. Beyond the material things that you can give yourself this holiday season, why not consider these special Christmas gifts for the true entrepreneur in you:

1. Invest in Self-improvement

There is always a new thing to learn everyday and all successful business people have the tenacity to learn incessantly so they can improve themselves. The lessons of the pandemic are ground-breaking yet there is still a lot of wisdom that you can discover, learn, and apply to your daily personal and business life.

If you want to learn more about the indispensable strategies and tips in franchising, you can go ahead and read the “12 Strategies of Franchising” featuring 25 brand case studies of the biggest brands in the franchise industry like The Generics Pharmacy, Fruit Magic, Turks, Goldilocks, and more. This book was written by Certified Franchise Executives, including Father of Franchising in the Philippines, Dr. Samie Lim.

The Franchise Relationships Book of Tips” by world-renowned franchise relationships expert Greg Nathan can help you improve your understanding of franchise relationships as these are very crucial to the success of your business.

Are you up for mastering entrepreneurship? Why not read “Entrepreneurship: Starting an Enterprise. Having an Innovation Mindset” by award-winning marketing guru Josiah Go. From preparation and marketing to execution and self-leadership, this book will guide you through your entrepreneurial journey.

If you want to stay updated with the ins and news in the franchising industry, you can read the Franchise Talk 2021 magazine, which is downloadable anytime for free.

For more sources of golden nuggets of wisdom, just visit this link and browse through various pro-self-improvement business materials.

2. Get a Business Coach

The greatest athletes, actors, singers and chefs all have one thing in common - they have a coach to guide them and to push them to greater heights. In interviews with great business leaders and entrepreneurs globally, one key to success has also been having strong mentors and coaches to guide them through their journey.

Business coaches are there to help owners ‘see the forest from the trees.’ When you’re involved in the business day in and day out, you sometimes lose the big picture and a coach is there to bring objective advise so that you are working ON the business and not just IN it.

In addition, coaches are there to inject new knowledge as well as act as your sounding board for new ideas. Lastly, by holding regular coaching sessions, a good business coach ensure you are on track and accountable with the plans and actions you have set in place and are not distracted with other endeavors.

ActionCOACH is the world’s largest business coaching firm with over 1,000 business coaches around the world. And since it’s Christmas, you can get a FREE BUSINESS HEALTH CHECK to find opportunities to get your business ready in the coming year.

3. Diversify

If there’s one thing the pandemic taught us, it’s that diversification is critical for growth and for protecting ourselves from uncertainties. As the saying goes, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” You will be more successful in business if you don’t risk everything into just a single venture.

Are you currently in the food business? Retail? Or service? Whichever business industry you belong to, there is always room for growth. So, venture out! Look for franchises that could compliment your current business. Or better yet, dive into an entirely new franchise concept that will diversify your portfolio. This way, you will have various profit streams and opportunities for growth. If you are interested to know all about different franchise brands, you can register and participate in “How to Invest in the Right Business” webinar for free.

Are you a business owner with stores in just 1 city? Then it’s critical to diversify across multiple cities and eventually multiple countries. You can attend the “How to Franchise Your Business” webinar to learn about how you can grow and multiply your business across cities and countries using other people’s money, time, and organizations.

4. Relax and Recharge for 2022

Last but definitely not least, you can give yourself the gift of relaxation this Christmas. Take a holiday leave and spend it with your loved ones. Go out of town and have a nice vacation at a beautiful destination. Celebrate this holiday with your families and friends and make it a memorable one.

This much-deserved period of relaxation will not only make you blissful this Christmas, but will also recharge you for the coming year. After all, it is always best to come ready and prepared for new opportunities, goals, and achievements.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

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