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Brands to watch out for in Franchise Asia 2021

Choose among the 200+ brands featured during Asia’s Largest Franchise Show on Sept 8 to 11.

With over 200+ brands in this year’s Franchise Asia Expo (Sept 8 to 11), entrepreneurs will be spoilt for choice. No matter what budget level or what industry you are interested in, there’s no shortage of brands you can explore. And with this year’s expo being digital, you can discover franchise opportunities anytime of the day, wherever you are.

To help you prepare for the expo, here’s a few brands you may want to watch out for:

Newly launched brands

Imagine having invested in TGP when they only had 1 store or even Turks Shawarma when they were newly launched. Franchise Asia is the platform where brands start out their journey of growth, so it’s the best place to see the latest opportunities and the newest brands. This year is no exception with dozens of new brands being launched.

In the food category, Mrs. Fried Rice, a hidden gem in Zobel for over 2 decades, is finally opening up for franchising while Samgyup Sa Bahay takes the samgyupsal concept straight to anyone’s home. Pizza Stack, the first ever on the go pizza and drink franchise is sure to make waves with its authentic recipes from Naples and unique pizza stacked on top of a drink.

Theo’s Community Market is a new entrant into the retail scene with their extended pantry concept and RELX, the first ever vapor store franchise. Meanwhile, Health Screen Diagnostics bring a new level of quality and ease of service to the diagnostic laboratory franchise scene. Metrocleaners is expanding from Davao to ensure more homes, offices and industrial places are clean and well sanitized. BNI, the world’s leading business referral organization, is also present to find new area franchisees across the country.

Essential Brands

The past year has shown the importance and resiliency of essential brands—brands that remain strong despite lockdowns and closures. This year’s Franchise Asia Expo reflects this with a wide range of Pharmacy, Refilling, Convenience Stores and Microlending brands.

The Pharmacy space has the established brands such as The Generics Pharmacy, Gamot Publiko, K2 Pharmacy and Farmacia ni Dok with newcomers such as Chris Pharmacy from Cebu, Doctor Jack Pharmacy and Clinic from Iloilo and Sacred Heart of Jesus Pharmacy, a one-stop community pharmacy. LPG and Water Refilling have been strong throughout the years, and the presence of brands such as Phoenix LPG, Regasco, Crystal Clear, Everwater Purified and Living Water shows the strength of this sector.

For those looking for Convenience stores, brands such as 7-11 and Easy Day Shop are present, and those looking more at microlending will have their choice from LT&G Credit Line, Gift Microfinance and more.

Crowd Favorites

Year in and year out, Franchise Asia fuels the trends from the lemonade craze to self service laundry and microlending. But throughout the years, crowd favorites remain strong and this year is no exception.

Lockdown or not, Milk Tea continues to be a crowd favorite with brands such as Chatime, Kurimi Milk Tea and Island Tea, the world’s largest Ceylon Milk Tea Franchise. Chicken wings continue to be loved by Filipinos, especially with Wingers Unlimited and Pepa Wings continuing their growth around the Philippines. Snacks continue to grow with Shawarma Shack, Kamir Shawarma, Potato Corner, Santino’s Pizza, Kerrimo, The Hungry Pita, and more leading the way. Drinks and desserts are also well represented with Farron Café,, Bibingkinitan, Famous Belgian Waffle, Mister Donut, Remily’s Yema Cake, and dozens more brands.

Those looking at bigger investments can have their choice of restaurant and QSR franchises such as Jollibee, KFC, Max’s, Yellow Cab, MESA, Goldilocks, Tokyo Tokyo, Paluto Nga Po, Beanleaf Coffee and Tea, Mang Gorio and more.

Beyond food, education remains a crowd favorite with Carl Balita Review Center and Kumon present once again in this year’s expo. While unique retail concepts such as Oryspa, Cycle House, Powerhouse Tools Hardware and Ilaw Atbp are poised to continue their growth through franchising.

Revenge Spending

With people unable to indulge in their favorite products and services, the end of lockdowns will spur the need for consumers to pamper themselves. Beauty and Wellness is set to benefit from this. Xcess Salon, Nails.Glow, Diana Stalder by Dermaline, Big Apple Spa, Pennyworth’s Men’s Nail Bar, and other service franchises are well positioned to benefit from this coming spending boom. And with people starting to go out of their houses once again, fuel stations such as Sea Oil and Shell are sure to meet this demand.

Partners for Growth

Beyond franchisees, Franchise Asia is also there to help business owners who want to grow their business. For those who need financing, BPI has been a consistent partner of the franchise industry. PLDT is there to support the digital transformation needs of businesses. Francorp has been present for the past 27 years of the show to help brands that want to grow through franchising. U-Franchise is there to help franchisees make the right decision when investing in franchises. While ActionCOACH, the world’s largest business coaching firm, is a new addition helping MSMEs through business coaching. Lastly, Insular life is there to make sure everything you’ve worked for is always protected through insurance.

With hundreds of brands on offer, exclusive promotions during the show, FREE REGISTRATION and an online platform open 24 hours, Franchise Asia 2021 should serve anyone’s entrepreneurial appetite as we all prepare and position for the path towards our recovery.

Franchise Asia 2021 is Asia’s largest franchise show happening online on Sept 8 to 11. Learn more about the Franchise Asia Virtual Expo by visiting their official website here.

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