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Folded & Hung

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Franchise Your Business | Folded & Hung Franchise Store
Folded & Hung Franchise

Once a dentist by profession, Dr. Ronald Pineda pursued his passion for clothing and fashion through Folded & Hung. Motivated to bring “middle-class fashion newbies and upper-class couture mavens” to a one stop shopping arena where they can find practical styles with taste instead of the over-priced alternative foreign brands, F&H brought fashion within the reach of the general public. Constant creativity and inventiveness brought awards and distinctions to Folded & Hung, as evidenced by Dr. Pineda becoming a 2010 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist and a PLDT MVP Bossing Awardee.

By 2004, F&H got Francorp’s franchise consultants to create their franchise development program – from drafting franchise legal agreements, to ensuring operations are at the franchiseable level and ensuring that the franchise business strategy, franchise fees, royalties are correctly developed. To date, franchising has led them to establish 9 franchised outlets out of the 69 stores nationwide. Said outlets in the biggest malls across the Philippines represent an irresistible, proudly home-grown, successful “fast fashion” franchise alternative.

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