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Fruit Magic

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Franchise Your Business | Fruit Magic Franchise Store
Fruit Magic Franchise

One big mall turned into a fruit paradise as the first ever Fruit Magic store opened there in 1999. It was a big hit since no other fruit juice store allowed their customer to pick their favorite fruits from the basket and blend them, the way Fruit Magic did. In 1999, the Hernandez and Escalona families shifted to healthy living and changed to an all-natural healthy diet, free from preservatives and chemicals. It was difficult since only colas and artificial juice drinks flooded the market back then. To make these healthy juices available, the two families took over RPM Fruit Magic and recreated the store into what is now known as Fruit Magic. Two additional stores followed – the Glorietta and Landmark branches. Dr. Alan Escalona, a doctor and businessman, elevated Fruit Magic from a simple fruit juicing service to a mainstream fresh fruit juice brand. As a testimony to their success, company-owned outlets were slowly and strategically positioned in NCR and Cebu.

To expand further, Fruit Magic decided to work with Francorp Franchise Consultants to create a franchise business that can accelrate growth. The Fruit Magic Franchise Corporation was launched in January 2005 to respond to requests from clients and prospective business partners. Being loyal advocates of the 5-a-day serving of colorful fruits and vegetables program espoused by the World Health Organization (WHO), Fruit Magic guarantees only the freshest, healthiest, and the best fruit juices available in its 60 stores throughout the country. With the health consciousness craze, Fruit Magic’s s FruzionSmoothies, Pure Nectar product line, soy milk, and all-day beverages and shakes keep the crowds coming back.

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