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Max's Fried Chicken

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

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Max's Restaurant Franchise

Generations of Filipinos have loved Max’s fried chicken and swear by the goodness of its unique “sarap to the bones” (delicious to the bones) taste. Devoted Max’s fried chicken diners do not only return to savour the delicious menu offerings, families love going back to Max’s because of the wholesome and homey ambiance. The secret recipe of the fried chicken is the concoction of Ruby Sanvictores, whose uncle MaximoGimenez opened up a cafe in their house circa 1945 to cater to the American troops stationed in Quezon City after the war. The G.I.’s came back for the chicken, steak, and drinks and soon, even the locals became loyal patrons.

Many Filipino food favourites have been added to the Max’s restaurant menu since then. Patronage grew and the result is now 140 branches in the Philippines and 15 in locations all throughout the globe, including U.S. and Canada.

Because of the high premium that Max’s puts on close family ties and the Filipino value called “samahan” (sense of belongingness), all franchisees are treated as family. The franchise support is a total-solutions-package so that franchisees are guided in successfully planning, developing, and implementing their own restaurant franchise.

Robert F. Trota, president of Max’s Restaurant, is a strong advocate of franchising, being the incumbent chairman of the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA). He was behind Max’s double digit growth in 2011 and has also been credited for being a major force behind the milestones of PFA. He has actively campaigned for the institution of various PFA programs resulting in the expansion of Filipino business concepts within and outside the Philippines.

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