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Mont Albo Spa

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

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Mont Albo Spa Franchise

Dr.Nol Montalbo started a distinctive massage business inspired by the centuries old “hilot” tradition. Naming it as MONT ALBO MASSAGE HUT, this is the first ever Filipino-inspired spa with “hilot” as the main offering. With native interiors and quality “hilot” services, MONT ALBO was able to carve a niche that is now a multimillion spa enterprise with global ambitions.

To have a firm foundation for his venture, Dr.Montalbo spent 6 months working with franchise development consultants of Francorp Philippines to upgrade, simplify, and document his system so that he can easily train franchisees to run his business. The core of the franchise is a simple, well documented franchise operations manual that anyone can follow and operate.

Dr.Montalbo gives his two-cents worth: “Since 2010, we had our ups and downs, failures, and successes.But in the middle of it all, as franchisors, we should know how to build and value relationships, not just with franchisees but with everyone around you. Create lasting relationships with sincerity and pure, clean intentions. There will never be a perfect franchise concept, believe me. Your decisions may not be precise and you can miss your target. But when you do franchising with intensity and passion, there’s no way to go but up.” In the years Mont Albo has been franchising, Dr. Nol continues to inspire people to franchise your business and create your own franchise success strories.


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