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Potato Corner

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Once dubbed by Masigasig Magazine as the “King of Kiosks”, Jose P. Magsaysay Jr., managing director of Potato Corner, came up with a concept with his partners Jorge and Jenny Wieneke, Danny and Marivic Bermejo, Ricky, Lisl and Jojo Montelibano, that forayed into the flavoured French fries business in a kiosk.

That was in 1992 and the Filipino’s favourite purveyor of French fries has grown to 340 franchised stores in the Philippines alone, in a combination of kiosks, carts and counters. The first and original flavoured French fries in the country continued its international expansion by setting up outlets in Indonesia, Panama, and Dubai. Disregarding naysayers that said selling flavoured fries to Americans was doomed to fail, Joe Magsaysay went on ahead and expanded to the United States. Now Potato Corner has 26 US stores in operation as of 2014, with plans to open more. Globally, Potato Corner boasts a total of 419 stores worldwide.

Very active in joining franchise shows abroad, Potato Corner will soon establish in Guam, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Israel, Pakistan, Singapore and China. Potato Corner has been the leader in the food cart/kiosk/ counter-type business in the country for 20 years, managing to weather the Asian economic crisis. Aside from its popular flavoured French fries, the company also offers other delectable products such as baked potatoes, hash browns and loopy fries. It’s simple, focused menu, strong emphasis on quality and strong branding showcases the power of franchising in growing your business.

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