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PR Gaz Haus

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Franchise Your Business | PR Gaz Haus Franchise Store
PR Gaz Haus Franchise

PR GazHauz is the new connotation for top quality LPG brands in the market today. Aside from LPG cylinders, PR GazHaus convenience stores sell various cooking equipment like double burners, single burners, and cast-iron stoves (for commercial use) as well as LPG product accessories like clamps, hoses, and regulators. LPG cylinders are available via prompt, free delivery via texting or a phone call to the nearest outlet.

Founders Nelson and Siu Ping Par, boldly stepped out and ventured into a unique business and decided to franchise their business – becoming the first to do so in the local LPG industry. In 2004, PR Gaz Franchising Corporation was incorporated and became responsible for the development and administration of the PR GazHaus franchise program, including the recruitment of franchisees and the provision of training and operational support for them.

In the early stages of franchising PR GazHaus tapped Francorp & its team of franchise consultants to develop its franchise program. Mr. Par said that through Francorp’s linkages with franchising associations, the academe, and other groups, his company was also able to link up with peers in the franchising sector. And since Francorp also organizes special programs for franchisors, PR GazHaus was kept abreast with developments in the industry.

As more franchises opened in Metro Manila, Laguna, Cavite, Pangasinan, and Zambales in 2006, the rapid growth of the PR GazHaus store chain was relentless. A PR GazHaus franchise helped many Filipinos, especially OFWs, achieve their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. OFWs comprise a majority of the 36 franchises awarded as of 2011. The rest are housewives, graduates, retirees, business owners, and even currently employed individuals who want an additional source of livelihood. From its current crop of franchisees, a number of them have already acquired a second outlet, becoming multi-unit operators.

Mr. Par firmly believes that “franchising is the way of growing a proven method of business into an established brand name. It is systematic – ensuring that you have the right program, people, and processes.”

“However, as other companies also engage in or offer business opportunities through franchising, we learned that we must constantly employ innovations in business and make improvements in our franchise programs.”

PR GazHaus innovations have already led to immense growth. There are now a total of 183 (87 company owned and 96 franchised) stores nationwide – in Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Pangasinan, Bataan, Zambales, La Union, Batangas, and major cities in Metro Manila. PR GazHaus aims to grow the chain to 500 stores by 2015.


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