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Success Stories

Updated: Jan 8, 2020


Jollibee Franchise proudly developed by Francorp Franchise Consulting

The “Jollibee” brand is now the icon of Filipino success. The ubiquitous bee mascot logo is a familiar sight in city and provincial skylines, in the traditional, social and below-the-line media and more importantly, embedded in the Filipino people’s psyches, especially children. It is also one of the most successful franchises internationally with hundreds of outlets both in the Philippines and abroad.  Globally, the brand is slowly creeping its way to the consciousness and palates of diners in North America, Asia and the Pacific. From a small ice cream parlor in Cubao and Quiapo which opened in 1975, Jollibee is now a formidable 801 stores in the Philippines and still growing, and 96 stores abroad – in California and Nevada in the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait in the Middle East, and Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei in Southeast Asia. Tony Tan Caktiong, chairman of Jollibee Food Corporation (JFC), is the man behind the brand. His desire to expand his ice cream store into a fast food chain prodded him to go to the United States to learn the ropes on how to grow his brand. And when his path crossed with Don Boroian, America’s foremost authority in franchising, it opened the doors for Jollibee’s U.S. expansion. In the Philippines, Mr. Tan Caktiong nurtured his brand despite the presence of multinational food franchise bigwigs.

Today, Jollibee is stronger than ever.Quality food and family values are paramount to Tony Tan Caktiong and Jollibee. He learned the food business from his hardworking parents, immigrants from Fujian, China, who operated a kitchen. Respect, humility, industriousness and the entrepreneurial spirit are embedded in the Jollibee corporate culture.For his revolutionary entrepreneurship and immense contribution to the Philippine fast food industry, Tony Tan Caktiong has also received several distinguished awards and citations too many to mention. Francorp thanked him by giving yet another –the Francorp Top 20 – for his belief in the Filipino, his trust in Francorp and our team of franchise consultants, and for putting the Philippines in the world’s franchise map. Tony Tan Caktiong & Jollibee has shown the world that franchising your business not only helps it grow from one to many, but creates pride and prestige for the country.

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The Generics Pharmacy

Ben Liuson, proudly a Francorp Franchise Consulting Client

The Generics Pharmacy (TGP) has altered the landscape of the drug retail industry, changed people’s mindset about the efficacy of generics medicines, brought more investors into the pharmaceutical business, gave handsome profits to these entrepreneurs and endowed benefits to the masses who could not afford branded medicines. In 8 years since it first started in 2007, over 1800 branches have been opened from Luzon to Mindanao.

How did Mr. Benjamin I. Liuson, turn 1 store and create a franchise business that spans thousands? He attributes his speedy growth to the power of franchising. “The fastest way to grow your business is through franchising. With the help of Francorp, we are now the largest drugstore chain nationwide,” Liuson proudly proclaims. A combination of a good concept, superior franchisor support, franchisee partners belief in the system that resulted to teamwork in building the business, as well as corporate social and spiritual responsibility that make customers come back for their affordable medicines and avail of their medical consultations – all these are The Generic’s Pharmacy’s claim to franchise fame.

It all started with a mission to cut down the price of medicines and the vision to bring medicine accessible to all. Unexpectedly, such goals brought more than the company expected. Not too long ago, creating a smaller business at the most affordable capital investment was merely a concept. Until The Generics Pharmacy owner Benjamin Liuson learned of franchise opportunities in a convention of the Drug Manufacturing Association in 2007. He became inspired by the franchise opportunity presented by Francorp Chairman and Franchise Guru Mr. Samie Lim, and Liuson got Francorp & it’s world-class team of franchise consultants to help him grow. Because of The Generics Pharmacy phenomenon, medicines today are within every Filipino’s reach. In fact, it drove a lot of emerging competitors to engage in the same kind of industry. However, amidst its growing competition in the market, its honed credibility and integrity among its peers, TGP’s contribution still remains impressive.

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Potato Corner

Potato Corner continues to show how to franchise your business successfully both in the Philippines and internationally

Once dubbed by Masigasig Magazine as the “King of Kiosks”, Jose P. Magsaysay Jr., managing director of Potato Corner, came up with a concept with his partners Jorge and Jenny Wieneke, Danny and Marivic Bermejo, Ricky, Lisl and Jojo Montelibano, that forayed into the flavoured French fries business in a kiosk.

That was in 1992 and the Filipino’s favourite purveyor of French fries has grown to 340 franchised stores in the Philippines alone, in a combination of kiosks, carts and counters. The first and original flavoured French fries in the country continued its international expansion by setting up outlets in Indonesia, Panama, and Dubai. Disregarding naysayers that said selling flavoured fries to Americans was doomed to fail, Joe Magsaysay went on ahead and expanded to the United States. Now Potato Corner has 26 US stores in operation as of 2014, with plans to open more. Globally, Potato Corner boasts a total of 419 stores worldwide.

Very active in joining franchise shows abroad, Potato Corner will soon establish in Guam, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Israel, Pakistan, Singapore and China. Potato Corner has been the leader in the food cart/kiosk/ counter-type business in the country for 20 years, managing to weather the Asian economic crisis. Aside from its popular flavoured French fries, the company also offers other delectable products such as baked potatoes, hash browns and loopy fries. It’s simple, focused menu, strong emphasis on quality and strong branding showcases the power of franchising in growing your business.

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When it comes to baked goodies, desserts, snack foods, and breads, Goldilocks is top of mind. From a two-story bakeshop in Pasong Tamo, Makati, run by two sisters – Milagros Leelin Yee and Clarita Leelin Go – way back in 1966, Goldilocks has now become the biggest Filipino-owned bakeshop chain in the world. 48 years after the first store opened, Goldilocks now has more than 420 stores both in the Philippines and overseas. Its strong national and international presence in the United States, Canada, and Thailand is the product of the hard work of the first and second generations of the Go and Yee families, represented by Chairman of the Board, Freddie Go Sr. Under his watch, and with family members in full support, Goldilocks continues to produce a wide range of high-quality products at par with the world’s best.

Francorp’s franchise consultants were there in the beginning to set the groundwork and foundation of the franchise system. From developing franchise operations manuals, discussing franchise business strategy and drafting franchise legal agreements. Mr. Go upholds the fact that to create a successful franchise business, “franchise relations should be a joint effort of both the franchisor and franchisee for them to achieve business profitability anchored on open communication, trust, honesty and continuous operational support.” “The franchisee, on the other hand”, he says, “must be personally committed to the business, be hands-on, take an active role in operations and provide leadership and inspiration to his personnel. He has to be on top of the situation because the amount of effort he puts in can affect his ROI.” With an excellent brand, backed up by premium quality, delicious products, and high customer satisfaction, Goldilocks continues to be a source of pride for Filipinos here and abroad and an example of how to franchise your business successfully.

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Rufo's Famous Tapa

Francorp’s team of franchise consultants helped Rufo’s create a strong, professional and international standard franchise program

Food franchises are statistically the most successful franchise concepts locally and internationally. In the Philippines, 44% of consumer spending is made on food not only because it is a necessity but because Filipinos naturally love to eat. Rufo’s Famous Tapa capitalizes on these figures and goes a step further by offering a franchise business that serves your favourite Filipino comfort food such as Beef Tapa, Pork Tocino, Liempo, Sisig, Bulalo, and other no-frills dishes guaranteed to satisfy every Pinoy palate. Add to this Rufo’s affordable prices, convenient locations and 24/7 operations and you have what may the country’s next big food franchise.

What started as a small tapsilogeatery in 1984 was acquired and re-engineered by businessman Paul Izon Reyes in 2003. His mission: to expand the brand through franchising under his company, Rufo’s Famous Franchise Corporation. Partnering with Francorp, the World Leader in Franchise Consultancy and with the help of ChinaBank Savings’ supportive SME programs, Rufo’s has multiplied into 19 branchse with plans of having 30 outlets by end of 2014. With the company’s continuous growth, Rufo’s is moving closer to realizing its goal of being acknowledged as the Number One Tapa Restaurant in the Philippines.

Reyes shares, “Rufo’s commitment to serve more people through business expansion and fulfil our mission of becoming the nation’s number one tapa restaurant was further strengthened when we recently won two awards in the Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise Awards for ‘Fastest Growing Franchise’ and ‘Best in Franchise Support’”.

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Crystal Clear

Almost 17 years ago, Crystal Clear Water Refilling Station used to be a small business supplying channels using reverse osmosis, water filtration, and purification systems. Established in 1997 by Solerex Water Technologies, Inc., the brand Crystal Clear already brought quality water within the reach of millions of Filipinos. In 1999, when the company ventured into franchising, its circle of beneficiaries expanded. Mr. Soler recalls “when we first operated our Crystal Clear Water Store, we immediately received many inquiries to franchise the business. However, we did not want to franchise without receiving the right training and expertise in running a franchising company and creating a franchise business.

After reviewing the potential of the business, FRANCORP and their expert team of franchise consultants guided us through all the processes in establishing a proper and dynamic franchising company. Partnering with FRANCORP and its franchise consultants, helped us leverage our business and gave us a seal of approval.” Crystal Clear now has four (4) company-owned units and 496 franchise outlets, with branches in Indonesia, Malaysia and soon in Sierra Leone, Africa. Such success was a product of a healthy relationship with franchisees. Mr. Soler admitted that “franchising is a collaboration. It is imperative that the franchisor informs the franchisee of his expectations at the start of the relationship to help the franchisee understand the extent of freedom the brand will allow. It is also important that the franchisor clearly and explicitly states in the agreement what the franchisee may or may not do with the brand. The roles of the Franchisor and the Franchisee have to be established to achieve harmony.” With Crystal Clear’s franchise success story, new players have adopted their best practices in how to franchise your business and create a strong franchise business in the Philippine and Internationally.

To learn more about how to franchise your business both in the Philippines and internationally, attend a How to Franchise Your Business Seminar or take a free franchisability quiz.



Beginning in 1987 with a small store selling men’s t-shirts, Bench has grown to include a ladies’ line, underwear, fragrances, house wares, snacks, and a wide array of other lifestyle products, with the distinction of being present in virtually every retail space in the Philippines, and with a worldwide network of stores and outlets, reaching as far as the United States, the Middle East, and China. There are a total of 678 stores nationwide. Spreading out its wings has been continuous owning to the viable franchise partners they choose – people who really understand business and are knowledgeable about the same industry. “It was Francorp,” according to Mr. Chan, “who legitimized and gave credibility to the business concept of the Bench franchise. Francorp & its team of franchise consultants also helped professionalize the franchising industry.”

To boost Bench’s growth, it pioneered in the use of celebrity endorsers, television and giant billboards to create awareness for a fashion brand that offers premium quality products at affordable prices.

Ben Chan is the man behind the Bench brand, founder of what is now the Philippines’ largest clothing chain, under Suyen Corporation. His style is world class fashion and his work ethics impeccable, after learning the definition of “hardworking” from his Chinese forebears.

Because of his vision and aggressive but strategic moves, he has expanded the Philippine clothing chain into international markets. Bench is in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia; Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Xian, China; Kuwait; Bahrain; and Los Angeles, California.

To learn more about how to franchise your business both in the Philippines and internationally, attend a How to Franchise Your Business Seminar or take a free franchisability quiz.


Mr. Quickie

Emiliano R. Caruncho III conceptualized MR. QUICKIE in 1981 because of thrifty Filipinos’ penchant for shoe repairs instead of buying brand new pairs. He saw the potential of quick fix professionals taking shoe repair to a high level by injecting true craftsmanship; fast, clean, and courteous service via outlets that can provide prompt, useful, innovative, convenient, practical, affordable, superior, and world-class quality products and services that use good quality materials and state-of-the-art technology. These services and products will be at convenient and accessible locations all over the Philippines.

There are already more than 166 stores that advocate a culture of Total Quality Management, achieving the best standards in products, services, structure, and business processes. Mr. Quickie is already an established brand with plans to go to Guam and all over Asia.

To learn more about how to franchise your business both in the Philippines and internationally, attend a How to Franchise Your Business Seminar or take a free franchisability quiz.


Reyes Haircutters

When Celestino “Les” Reyes conceptualized Reyes Haircutters (RHC) in January 2001, he intended it to become the “Filipino Family Salon.” Sure enough, this brilliant positioning captured the family of the Pinoymasa especially because, all of a sudden, there was this accessible salon in the community, with clean interiors and smiling staff, catering to the beauty and grooming needs of the Pinoy family, at prices which were not intimidating at all.

Salons back then had extreme niche markets; the high end ones and their elusive prices were located in malls, hotels, subdivisions, and other plush addresses vis-a-vis the neighbourhood beauty parlours which were reasonably-priced indeed, yet offered no assurance of product quality.

With every Reyes Haircutters Salon, quality grooming and beauty services, the latest being facials, spas and massages, came within everybody’s reach, with the most affordable being the P49.99 haircut. Even the products, both branded and signature “RHC”, are safe and effective to use on the face, hair, body and skin and have passed the stringent quality check by the Bureau of Food and Drug (BFAD).

The extraordinary growth of Reyes Haircutters is now history. With its 153 outlets (including one in posh London, England) and more to come locally there is no stopping their expansion. And so as to reach more of our countrymen in the Asia-Pacific region, RHC is going to Indonesia, Guam, Hong Kong and Malaysia, via joint ventures. Out of the total 153 stores, 14 are company owned and 139 are franchise outlets.

Les Reyes, himself, chairman and chief executive officer of Reyes Hair Company International Inc., admits to being overwhelmed with the positive reception of the market to his company’s products and services. To be able to live up to the speedy growth and maintain adherence to quality, his formula is getting good people to work for him and getting the right franchise partners to work with him. He says “communication with franchisees regarding the franchise system is key because franchisees are your best advisers when it comes to operations.” To all SMEs, Reyes says “work hard, believe in your products, yourself and your people.”

To learn more about how to franchise your business both in the Philippines and internationally, attend a How to Franchise Your Business Seminar or take a free franchisability quiz.


Cordillera Coffee

Cordillera Coffee, owned by Frank and Mary Grace Arboleda-Young, exists to promote home-grown mountain coffee – the pride of the Cordilleras. Whole beans, mostly Arabica, are bought directly from the backyard farms of the upland coffee farmers. With brisk business and ready markets, the farmers are empowered to produce more of these indigenous crops. The mountainous region is also ideal to Arabica cultivation because of its cool climate and abundant rainfall. Coffee plantations need minimal care and fertilizers unlike other crops that require full doses of chemical inputs that harm the soil and environment.

In a Cordillera Coffee outlet, these beans are roasted to produce a fresh and richly aromatic brew, with a distinct ethnic flavour. Complementary products in the menu are homemade pastries and confections, Benguet Tea, Hot Chocolate, Tableya (native chocolate) Cake, Suman at Latik, Kalabasa Cake, Cordillera Risotto, and Pancit Cordillera.

With every cup sipped, patrons help the tribes of the Cordilleras find market for their crops, the most exotic of which is Cafe Alamid, coffee beans from the droppings of a palm civet cat locally known as alamid. These forest animals, through their sense of smell, pick the ripest and sweetest coffee berries and eat them all night. In the morning, they excrete the beans as they cannot be digested. While in their digestive tract, the beans interact with the stomach acids and enzymes thus affecting the chemical structure of the beans. The beans are then sterilized and roasted and the result is an interesting brew with none of the bitter aftertaste usually experienced with coffee.

Aside from the 3 outlets, Cordillera Coffee intends to expand its business by opening new branches in prime business areas, not only in Metro Manila, but other key spots in the Philippines, like Baguio City and Cebu City.



Tagged as a utopia for computer networks, NETOPIA Internet Cafe has become a digital paradise. Founded in 1996 by two computer techies, the erstwhile private gaming room evolved into the country’s biggest provider of shared computer and internet access, desktop publishing, photo-printing, and e-load services.

With the one-stop Information Communication Technology accessibility it provides as well as the reliable and consistently satisfying customer experience it delivers, Netopia became true to its promise of giving full and sustainable value to its stakeholders . In 1999, with the commissioning of Francorp to come up with the framework of a franchise system, Netopia was able to develop business structures. This helped the company expand to its current number with 60 company owned and 10 franchised outlets.

Michael Lacy, president, ascribes Netopia’s accomplishments to a “combination of 2 important elements – an effective business model and good relationships between the franchisees and the franchisor. Successful relations between franchisor and franchisee are paramount to long-term growth. Utilizing the benefits and nature of the franchise relationship will help overcome many obstacles, while giving both the best chance at success.”

With Netopia’s broad network coverage, they have attracted many corporate customers for their training, recruitment, and advertising needs. On the retail side, Netopia has become a popular destination for Internet surfing, gaming, digital printing, and electronic loading.

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David's Salon

David Charlton is a British hairdresser whose name is known to many Filipinos. His very first David’s Salon opened in Quezon City in 1989. World class hairstyling perfection can be had at affordable rates. Soon after, he decided to enter into partnerships with his business associates thus paving the way to an even larger and faster expansion. At present, there are over 200 David’s Salon branches nationwide, plus two branches abroad.

David continues to share his expertise through his very own David’s Salon Academy which opened in 1998. It got the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) accreditation in 2006. He makes sure all David’s Salon branches live up to their name and delivers exceptional services at prices everyone can afford.

To learn more about how to franchise your business both in the Philippines and internationally, attend a How to Franchise Your Business Seminar or take a free franchisability quiz.


PR Gaz Haus

PR GazHauz is the new connotation for top quality LPG brands in the market today. Aside from LPG cylinders, PR GazHaus convenience stores sell various cooking equipment like double burners, single burners, and cast-iron stoves (for commercial use) as well as LPG product accessories like clamps, hoses, and regulators. LPG cylinders are available via prompt, free delivery via texting or a phone call to the nearest outlet.

Founders Nelson and Siu Ping Par, boldly stepped out and ventured into a unique business and decided to franchise their business – becoming the first to do so in the local LPG industry. In 2004, PR Gaz Franchising Corporation was incorporated and became responsible for the development and administration of the PR GazHaus franchise program, including the recruitment of franchisees and the provision of training and operational support for them.

In the early stages of franchising PR GazHaus tapped Francorp & its team of franchise consultants to develop its franchise program. Mr. Par said that through Francorp’s linkages with franchising associations, the academe, and other groups, his company was also able to link up with peers in the franchising sector. And since Francorp also organizes special programs for franchisors, PR GazHaus was kept abreast with developments in the industry.

As more franchises opened in Metro Manila, Laguna, Cavite, Pangasinan, and Zambales in 2006, the rapid growth of the PR GazHaus store chain was relentless. A PR GazHaus franchise helped many Filipinos, especially OFWs, achieve their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. OFWs comprise a majority of the 36 franchises awarded as of 2011. The rest are housewives, graduates, retirees, business owners, and even currently employed individuals who want an additional source of livelihood. From its current crop of franchisees, a number of them have already acquired a second outlet, becoming multi-unit operators.

Mr. Par firmly believes that “franchising is the way of growing a proven method of business into an established brand name. It is systematic – ensuring that you have the right program, people, and processes.”

“However, as other companies also engage in or offer business opportunities through franchising, we learned that we must constantly employ innovations in business and make improvements in our franchise programs.”

PR GazHaus innovations have already led to immense growth. There are now a total of 183 (87 company owned and 96 franchised) stores nationwide – in Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Pangasinan, Bataan, Zambales, La Union, Batangas, and major cities in Metro Manila. PR GazHaus aims to grow the chain to 500 stores by 2015.

To learn more about how to franchise your business both in the Philippines and internationally, attend a How to Franchise Your Business Seminar or take a free franchisability quiz.


Islands Souvenirs

The best endorser of Philippine tourism via colourful and vibrant souvenir products is Jonathan Jay Aldeguer, President of Island Souvenirs. From his backpacking days in Europe, he got an idea on how to quickly turn his and other tourists’ problems into a business opportunity – souvenir items that truly mirror a destination’s character, joie de vivre, ambience, and local colour.

Islands Souvenirs hit the retail market by storm in the 1990s with its brightly coloured shirts heralding the best of the Philippine cities and other tourist spots. And when he went into franchising, he saw its effective way of expanding his business and the company vision, specifically allowing his business to have a “local” component, highly important in the business of travel and tourism. Jay recalls “Francorp Philippines & its team of franchise consultants were there to help streamline our operations, thereby improving our processes to make our business more franchisable.”

Jay Aldeguer has received accolades for his efforts, starting from being one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) awardees, then The Agora Award, the British Council Design Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and recently, the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Small Business. Islands Souvenirs has also brought him to the Retailer of the year Hall of Fame as he was able to bag the prize three times.

When he says “I love the Philippines. I believe in its people”, one knows that it is not mere lip service because his products speak strongly about his advocacy. They are now using the franchise system for subsidiaries like Islands Stay Hotels and Islands Banca Cruises.

The best of the Philippines is pictured in every Islands Souvenirs shirt and memorabilia sold in 59 company owned and 7 franchised Islands Souvenir shops all over the country which are combinations of stand-alone, kiosk carts and distributors. To be opened are additional Islands and More stores and three franchised outlets in Baguio City, Vigan in Ilocos and Camarines Sur. Any Filipino can be proud to own an Islands Souvenirs product or give it away as gifts or souvenirs. Every product coming out of an Islands Souvenirs shop shouts out to the world that, indeed, it is more fun in the Philippines.

To learn more about how to franchise your business both in the Philippines and internationally, attend a How to Franchise Your Business Seminar or take a free franchisability quiz.



HBC (Home of Beauty Exclusives) is one of the leading, innovative, and world class retailers of health, beauty, personal, and home care products and services. At first, HBC came up with products exclusively available in their stores. Since 1995, HBC has already grown to 232company owned stores and 5 franchised outlets, with revenues hitting the Php1 Billion mark as early as 2005.

In 2006, when they started franchising with the help of Francorp, their reach went nationwide. Dr. Rosalinda Hortaleza, CEO, recalls “Francorp has been instrumental in HBC’s success in the franchising business. That’s why we will always be indebted to Mr. Samie Lim and Ms. Bing Limjoco who shared their time and expertise in helping HBC establish more opportunities for our fellow Fillipinos, through franchising.”

“The greatest business lesson we’ve learned from franchising,” she declares, “is establishing the mind-set of quality over quantity. Creating a franchise business & opening franchise outlets across the Philippines   meant the beginning of a mutual relationship between us and our franchisee. That’s why we make sure that an HBC franchised store is strategically located, captures the target market and is a profitable venture for entrepreneurs. We’ve established measures that focus on the quality of our after-sales by giving continuous support to our business partners.”

Dr.Hortaleza received several accolades, the latest being the 2012 MVP Bossing Award. Meanwhile, HBC’s extraordinary growth continues, giving the Philippines a constant supplier of high quality personal care and home care products.

To learn more about how to franchise your business both in the Philippines and internationally, attend a How to Franchise Your Business Seminar or take a free franchisability quiz.



BAYO, from the Ilonggo word for “dress”, started out as a made-to-measure dress shop in Makati, but is now sailing as one of the country’s most successful in the apparel industry. The shop which started in 1992 under Lyncor, Inc. reflects a clean and classy image. As the demand for these classic and stylish apparel continued to increase, the company decided to open its doors to franchising in 2001.

A year after they franchised their business, Bayo has been recognized by the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) as the “2002 Outstanding Filipino Retailer” under the Medium-scale Fashion Category.

By 2003, Bayo has been hailed as the country’s “Most Promising Filipino Franchise of the Year – Retail Category” awarded by the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA). Other awards include PRA’s “2005 Outstanding Filipino Retailer (Apparel-Medium Scale)”, and “Franchise Marketing Campaign Award – Retail Category” by the PFA.

Through the years, Bayo has been providing quality and comfortable world class shopping experience while being devoted to its roots as a truly Filipino brand. Today, Bayo has been a great franchise success story in the Philippines with more than 44 stores nationwide, 11 stores of which are franchised.

To learn more about how to franchise your business both in the Philippines and internationally, attend a How to Franchise Your Business Seminar or take a free franchisability quiz.


Plains & Prints

From an 11-square meter store in Greenhills in 1994, Plains and Prints was started by business couple Erickson and Roxanne Farillas. Eighteen years later, Plains and Prints is now a big player in the franchise apparel industry. When the Farillas couple were still in college, they built their dreams on creating a fashion line that mirrored enthusiasm, innovation, attractive designs and high quality merchandise. Today, Plains and Prints has gained acceptance in the local and global fashion arena.

This chain of apparel stores is under Raffco International Trading which is considered one of the most dynamic and promising retail corporations in the Philippines. Plains and Prints has strengthened its position as a major player in women’s apparel by providing stylish and classic apparel now available in provincial and Metro Manila outlets. Market share comprises mostly of young professional women ages 22 and above, fashionably hip moms, and stylish who love to wear clothes with a statement.

In 2002, the company partnered with Francorp Philippines to develop their franchise program, thus opening opportunities for them to grow further. Today, they have more than 60 stores nationwide and 25 are franchise outlets in the cities of Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, Davao and Cagayan de Oro, Baguio, Dagupan, Cabanatuan, Marilao, and Valenzuela. With the trend towards globalization, Plains and Prints is gearing to expand the distribution network not just within the Philippines but also throughout Asia.



The demands of women for hip, youthful, and active fashion were answered by Kamiseta when it opened its first store in 1998.

Being one of the leading specialty retailers of fashionable casual apparel, accessories, and footwear, targeted at ladies between ages 16 to 34, Kamiseta has been rapidly increasing its influence and popularity with its core customer group and more. Kamiseta’s success is a result of a powerful mix of extensive product development, right merchandise, exciting brand imaging, affordable prices and friendly service.

From the year it started to franchise in 2000, the company has now grown to 22 company-owned and 24 franchised outlets, making Kamiseta as one among the fashion giants in the local market. Mr. Gonzalo “Gunn” Roque III, president, attributes the success of their franchise efforts to getting the right franchisee-partners. “Franchising has been a good avenue for us to expand our market reach. It was Francorp who gave us the foundation from where we built our franchise department,” declares Mr. Roque.

The company was recognized by the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) as the 1998 “Outstanding Filipino Retailer” under the small scale fashion category. By 2002, Kamiseta was awarded as the “Most Promising Filipino Franchise of the Year” under the retail category by the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA). Two years after, the company was again hailed as the “Outstanding Filipino Franchise of the Year – Retail Category” by PFA. Through the years, Kamiseta continues to bring its best to the Philippine fashion industry.

To learn more about how to franchise your business both in the Philippines and internationally, attend a How to Franchise Your Business Seminar or take a free franchisability quiz.


Folded & Hung

Once a dentist by profession, Dr. Ronald Pineda pursued his passion for clothing and fashion through Folded & Hung. Motivated to bring “middle-class fashion newbies and upper-class couture mavens” to a one stop shopping arena where they can find practical styles with taste instead of the over-priced alternative foreign brands, F&H brought fashion within the reach of the general public. Constant creativity and inventiveness brought awards and distinctions to Folded & Hung, as evidenced by Dr. Pineda becoming a 2010 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist and a PLDT MVP Bossing Awardee.

By 2004, F&H got Francorp’s franchise consultants to create their franchise development program – from drafting franchise legal agreements, to ensuring operations are at the franchiseable level and ensuring that the franchise business strategy, franchise fees, royalties are correctly developed. To date, franchising has led them to establish 9 franchised outlets out of the 69 stores nationwide. Said outlets in the biggest malls across the Philippines represent an irresistible, proudly home-grown, successful “fast fashion” franchise alternative.

To learn more about how to franchise your business both in the Philippines and internationally, attend a How to Franchise Your Business Seminar or take a free franchisability quiz.



One of the country’s leading fashion retail powerhouses is Penshoppe, the flagship brand of Golden ABC, known for its casual wear, high quality products, and affordable prices. After conquering the Visays and Mindanao markets in 1986, PENSHOPPE expanded to Metro Manila in 1991 with the first boutique opening in SM City North EDSA. Since then, Penshoppe’s network of stores has grown to over 600 sites, all strategically located in key areas in the Philippines, as well as 23 franchise stores abroad. In 2000, Penshoppe started franchising with the help of Francorp.

Mr. Bernie Liu, Golden ABC’s head honcho, said it was Francorp’s franchise consultants who helped them put together their unit franchise and master franchise systems – the foundations of their franchise expansion to the international market. “As franchisors, we must exert efforts to check the compliance of our franchisees to the terms and conditions of our agreement, especially in areas where brand management is at stake,” Mr. Liu advises.

Penshoppe’s up-to-date, global designs and styles; innovative marketing and advertising campaigns and strategies; and keen business acumen increased its confidence in bringing its unique brand to the world. To date, Penshoppe continues to offer a wide assortment of merchandise for men and women ranging from pieces with style, accessories, shoes, and personal care products. It continues to work towards its vision of providing Filipinos and international clientele with quality apparel at par with world standards but with great value for money.

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Waffle Time

Waffle Time started in September, 1998 as a proudly Ilonggo concept. In two years, it has penetrated Metro Manila, Cebu, Cagayan De Oro, Davao, and Dagupan. It is the first and original purveyor of delicious, nutritious, and reasonably-priced waffles in a cart, with a vast selection of exciting flavours to choose from.

Waffle Time started to franchise their business on March 2004. Mr. Johnny Que, president, said that the “main franchising lesson Waffle Time learned was that an established business system is a prerequisite for a seamless franchise program for it would then be easier for internal and external controls to be efficiently enforced. Once this is in place, the franchisor can go on to look for a committed and dedicated franchisee that will take care of the brand. With franchisor’s support and assistance to novice entrepreneurs, a win-win partnership is ensured.”

Johnny Que appreciates Francorp’s assistance all these years in the form of putting together their franchise package (from royalties, franchise fees, franchise marketing fees, income streams) and franchise manual, opening links to networks, drawing up an international franchise package and continuously giving franchising leads.Waffle Time is now a familiar sight everywhere where there is high foot traffic, with 256 company owned stores and 176 franchised outlets.

To learn more about how to franchise your business both in the Philippines and internationally, attend a How to Franchise Your Business Seminar or take a free franchisability quiz.


Bo's Coffee

Bo’s Coffee, one of the most successful local-brand coffee shops with 33 company owned and 25 franchised stores, was founded by Steve Benitez, who remains the owner to this day. Born and raised in Cebu City, Benitez started his coffee fix to sustain him during the rigorous regimen at law school at the Ateneo de Manila University. To learn more about the beverage, though, he had to attend various international seminars and trainings. On June 1996, the first Bo’s Coffee opened in Ayala Center, Cebu City.

To ensure the brew’s freshness, newly-roasted beans are shipped to outlets in three days and consumed within two to three weeks. Non-consumed items are immediately disposed of. The date when the coffee was roasted is displayed in every Bo’s Coffee packaging for the consumer’s guidance.

Ninety percent of the coffee beans used are locally sourced from coffee plantations in Benguet, Bukidnon, Cordillera, Sultan Kudarat and the Mountain Provinces to name a few.

Inspired by the Jollibee franchise success story of how a local David beat a foreign Goliath at their own game, Steve took faith in the power of hard work, doing one’s homework to able to compete with and outshine his rivals. His ultimate vision is to be the premiere home-grown specialty coffee shop in the country that offers world class standard coffee and tea, coupled with excellent customer service in a cozy and friendly ambiance.


Fruit Magic

Fruit Magic Franchise developed by Francorp Franchise Consulting Philippines

One big mall turned into a fruit paradise as the first ever Fruit Magic store opened there in 1999. It was a big hit since no other fruit juice store allowed their customer to pick their favorite fruits from the basket and blend them, the way Fruit Magic did. In 1999, the Hernandez and Escalona families shifted to healthy living and changed to an all-natural healthy diet, free from preservatives and chemicals. It was difficult since only colas and artificial juice drinks flooded the market back then. To make these healthy juices available, the two families took over RPM Fruit Magic and recreated the store into what is now known as Fruit Magic. Two additional stores followed – the Glorietta and Landmark branches. Dr. Alan Escalona, a doctor and businessman, elevated Fruit Magic from a simple fruit juicing service to a mainstream fresh fruit juice brand. As a testimony to their success, company-owned outlets were slowly and strategically positioned in NCR and Cebu.

To expand further, Fruit Magic decided to work with Francorp Franchise Consultants to create a franchise business that can accelrate growth. The Fruit Magic Franchise Corporation was launched in January 2005 to respond to requests from clients and prospective business partners. Being loyal advocates of the 5-a-day serving of colorful fruits and vegetables program espoused by the World Health Organization (WHO), Fruit Magic guarantees only the freshest, healthiest, and the best fruit juices available in its 60 stores throughout the country. With the health consciousness craze, Fruit Magic’s s FruzionSmoothies, Pure Nectar product line, soy milk, and all-day beverages and shakes keep the crowds coming back.


Mont Albo Spa

Dr.Nol Montalbo started a distinctive massage business inspired by the centuries old “hilot” tradition. Naming it as MONT ALBO MASSAGE HUT, this is the first ever Filipino-inspired spa with “hilot” as the main offering. With native interiors and quality “hilot” services, MONT ALBO was able to carve a niche that is now a multimillion spa enterprise with global ambitions.

To have a firm foundation for his venture, Dr.Montalbo spent 6 months working with franchise development consultants of Francorp Philippines to upgrade, simplify, and document his system so that he can easily train franchisees to run his business. The core of the franchise is a simple, well documented franchise operations manual that anyone can follow and operate.

Dr.Montalbo gives his two-cents worth: “Since 2010, we had our ups and downs, failures, and successes.But in the middle of it all, as franchisors, we should know how to build and value relationships, not just with franchisees but with everyone around you. Create lasting relationships with sincerity and pure, clean intentions. There will never be a perfect franchise concept, believe me. Your decisions may not be precise and you can miss your target. But when you do franchising with intensity and passion, there’s no way to go but up.” In the years Mont Albo has been franchising, Dr. Nol continues to inspire people to franchise your business and create your own franchise success strories.


Max's Fried Chicken

Generations of Filipinos have loved Max’s fried chicken and swear by the goodness of its unique “sarap to the bones” (delicious to the bones) taste. Devoted Max’s fried chicken diners do not only return to savour the delicious menu offerings, families love going back to Max’s because of the wholesome and homey ambiance. The secret recipe of the fried chicken is the concoction of Ruby Sanvictores, whose uncle MaximoGimenez opened up a cafe in their house circa 1945 to cater to the American troops stationed in Quezon City after the war. The G.I.’s came back for the chicken, steak, and drinks and soon, even the locals became loyal patrons.

Many Filipino food favourites have been added to the Max’s restaurant menu since then. Patronage grew and the result is now 140 branches in the Philippines and 15 in locations all throughout the globe, including U.S. and Canada.

Because of the high premium that Max’s puts on close family ties and the Filipino value called “samahan” (sense of belongingness), all franchisees are treated as family. The franchise support is a total-solutions-package so that franchisees are guided in successfully planning, developing, and implementing their own restaurant franchise.

Robert F. Trota, president of Max’s Restaurant, is a strong advocate of franchising, being the incumbent chairman of the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA). He was behind Max’s double digit growth in 2011 and has also been credited for being a major force behind the milestones of PFA. He has actively campaigned for the institution of various PFA programs resulting in the expansion of Filipino business concepts within and outside the Philippines.

To learn more about how to franchise your business both in the Philippines and internationally, attend a How to Franchise Your Business Seminar or take a free franchisability quiz.


Pancake House Group

Dining on Pancake House’ classic, freshly-baked pancakes and waffles in varied flavours evokes a certain kind of nostalgia. With a mural of classic movie posters as backdrop, one is transported back in time, until one takes a bite and is pulled back to the here and now. Pancake House has steadily developed its menu to appeal to varying palates and age groups. It also expanded its network of outlets to reach more customers in key locations around the Philippines, and the international market. From its first company-owned store in Makati in 1970, three decades later, the Pancake House chain has continued to grow. With a strong franchise business & a franchise program develop by professional franchise consultants, there are now a total of 94 outlets in the Philippines, with 37 being company owned and 57 franchised outlets. In February 2000, Martin Lorenzo took over the helm of the Pancake House chain.

The Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) awarded Pancake House, Inc. as the Most Promising Filipino Franchise of the Year in 2002, followed by Most Outstanding Filipino Franchisee of the Year in 2005, and finally, the Hall of Famer in 2006.

Pancake House’ formula for franchise success is anchored on the franchisees’ willingness to undergo full-time training so that they can immerse themselves fully in the brand culture, systems, and procedures. Moreover, they must be people-oriented, supported by a dedicated staff and willing to devote their time and resources to oversee their franchised outlet. The Pancake House franchise success story has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs to create their own franchise businesses in pursuit of their own franchise success.

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