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You Can Save Up to P150K On These Franchise Businesses

The companies are offering discounted packages, waived royalties and new concept formats.

The best way to survive this pandemic is to lend a helping hand. This is exactly what some companies and brands are doing right now. With a large increase in people inquiring about franchising, food and retail companies have revised their franchise packages and are now implementing promos and discounts. 

It's a win-win-win situation.

Aspiring franchisees can now avail of “COVID-19 revised packages and promos," which are more affordable to the pocket and more feasible to manage. Consequently, these franchisees will be able to provide employment opportunities for individuals who were possibly laid off due to the crisis. Finally, franchisors are able to open up more opportunities for success while keeping their companies relevant and even stronger.

It really is true what Samie Lim, the father of franchising in the Philippines, has recently said in a webinar: "Now and the coming years will be the golden age of franchising."

Here are the on-going promos of the following brands:

Discounted Packages

Turn-key package - P280,000 to P350,000

Franchise Fee - P120,000 

Citrus zone is a food cart franchise opportunity that offers healthy fresh-pressed juices, lemonade, and beverages at very affordable prices.

P15,000 discount for store openings until September 2020.

2. Guri-Guri

Franchise Fee - P180,000

Total Investment - P400,000 to P480,000

Guri-Guri is a fresh concept that allows juicing fruits from the inside. No additives. No preservatives. Just citrus fruits served fresh off the pulp.

P30,000 discount for store openings until September 2020.

3. Mr. Katsu

Franchise Fee - P160,000 to P200,000

Total Investment - starts at P499,000

Mr. Katsu is a food franchise specializing in Japanese-fusion cuisine; inspired by the flavors of the world, and tailor-made to fit the Filipino taste.

Discounted price for cart format from P499,000 to P399,000 (VAT exempted) and franchise fee of P160,000 is included. Limited slots only until July 30, 2020. Reservation fee is required.

4. Samgyeopsal House

Franchise Fee - P500,000

Total Investment - P6.5 million to P7.5 million

Samgyeopsal House is the home of the best all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue loved by many Filipinos today.

Less P100,000 for the first three franchisees, and less P50,000 for fourth to 10th franchisees (from franchise fee).

Waived Fees

1. Frotea

Franchise Fee: P120,000

Total Investment: Kiosk - P350,000, Full Store - P600,000 to P700,000 

Frotea started as a FroYo (Frozen Yoghurt) and Milk Tea store concept, hence the name ”Frotea.” It offers delightful drinks that fits into anyone’s unique lifestyle.

No royalty fee. Marketing fee will be P2,500 instead of P3,000 for three years. This will be valid for the first 25 franchisees.

2. House of Taho

Franchise Fee - P180,000

Total Investment - P575,000

House of Taho is a pioneer franchise concept that takes taho into a whole new level.

Waived royalty fee until January 2021 or until further notice.

3. The Lemon Co.

Franchise Fee - P150,000

Total Investment - P418,000

The Lemon Co. is a lemonade franchise concept from Cebu that offers naturally delicious hand-pressed lemonade.

For the first five franchisees until June 30, 2020, franchise fee is waived and there will be no royalty fee for the first three months.

4. Tomochan Ramen Express

Franchise Fee - P160,000

Total Investment Cost - P809,000

Tomochan Ramen Express shares the authentic Japanese delight to the Filipino community at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality and taste.

Royalty fee is waived until further notice. Franchisees can sell Tomochan's frozen products and cooked products for more possible income streams. System-wide advertisement fee for national ad fee is also waived.

New Formats

1. Ilaw Atbp.

Franchise Fee - P390,000 to P550,000

Total Investment - P5 million to P11 million

New Format (Digital) – P88,888 total investment

Ilaw Atbp. lights up the road to success while providing the best electrical items and equipment for urban residents.

New Digital franchise worth P88,888. Terms: 1 year (Renewable and upgradable) with use of Ilaw Atbp. online platform, marketing assistance, and product training.

2. Sugar Panda

Franchise Fee - P180,000

Total Investment - P600,000

New Format (Mini Food Cart) – P385,000 turnkey package

Sugar Panda is one of the leading brands of milk tea franchises in the country today. It offers a low investment cost for turn-key franchise package with no monthly royalty fee.

New Mini food cart (2.7 sqm) turn-key package: P385,000. No royalty fee. With two percent system-wide advertisement fee and one percent local marketing fee. Terms: three years (three renewals of three years each).

3. Farron Cafe

Franchise Fee - P168,000 (Cart)

Total Investment - P699,000 (Cart)

New Format (Barangay Cart) – P199,000 total investment 

Farron café serves frappes, coffee and more. With over 200 branches nationwide and very affordable on-the-go drinks, they are the go-to place of students, young professionals and nurses.

New Barangay Cart Franchise for P199,000 with no royalty fee.

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