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Crystal Clear

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Franchise Your Business | Crystal Clear Franchise Store
Crystal Clear Franchise

Almost 17 years ago, Crystal Clear Water Refilling Station used to be a small business supplying channels using reverse osmosis, water filtration, and purification systems. Established in 1997 by Solerex Water Technologies, Inc., the brand Crystal Clear already brought quality water within the reach of millions of Filipinos. In 1999, when the company ventured into franchising, its circle of beneficiaries expanded. Mr. Soler recalls “when we first operated our Crystal Clear Water Store, we immediately received many inquiries to franchise the business. However, we did not want to franchise without receiving the right training and expertise in running a franchising company and creating a franchise business.

After reviewing the potential of the business, FRANCORP and their expert team of franchise consultants guided us through all the processes in establishing a proper and dynamic franchising company. Partnering with FRANCORP and its franchise consultants, helped us leverage our business and gave us a seal of approval.” Crystal Clear now has four (4) company-owned units and 496 franchise outlets, with branches in Indonesia, Malaysia and soon in Sierra Leone, Africa. Such success was a product of a healthy relationship with franchisees. Mr. Soler admitted that “franchising is a collaboration. It is imperative that the franchisor informs the franchisee of his expectations at the start of the relationship to help the franchisee understand the extent of freedom the brand will allow. It is also important that the franchisor clearly and explicitly states in the agreement what the franchisee may or may not do with the brand. The roles of the Franchisor and the Franchisee have to be established to achieve harmony.” With Crystal Clear’s franchise success story, new players have adopted their best practices in how to franchise your business and create a strong franchise business in the Philippine and Internationally.

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