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Transforming your company starts with Understanding Yourself

Every person has a unique set of qualities and behaviors just like every entrepreneur is different from the other. This extreme level of individuality and distinction means that no single business approach or style can be a hundred percent effective for all entrepreneurs.

Thus, it is imperative for you, as a business owner, to know and understand yourself first so that you can become an effective leader who is successful in growing your business.

DISC Personality Profile

Transforming and growing your business starts with understanding yourself. An effective tool to know and understand yourself is the DISC Personality Profile. This tool will help you measure the four factors of your behavior: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.

Dominance is about how you respond to challenges and Influence is how you respond to others. Meanwhile, Steadiness is how you respond to your environment and Compliance is how you respond to rules and procedures.

To make it short, Dominance is characterized by assertiveness while Influence is about communication. Moreover, Steadiness is about patience and Compliance is characterized by structure.

You can refer to the following DISC profiling chart in order to identify your personality. For example, if the result of your DISC assessment is high in Dominance and Influence, then you are someone who is outgoing, direct, competitive, enthusiastic, friendly, and optimistic. If your result is high in Compliance and Steadiness, you are someone who is reserved, accurate, cautious, contemplative, sincere, patient, and modest.

The real power of DISC lies in its ability to interpret the relations between these factors. The combination of these four factors can come up with around 1 million different personality profiles. For example, a highly ‘Dominant’ individual with an equally high level of ‘Influence’ will behave quite differently to an equally ‘Dominant’ person without that ‘Influence’.

Business Applications of DISC

1) Improve leadership, management, and organization

As the business owner, it is ideal for you to understand yourself and your personality so that you can become your best version of a leader. Same goes with your managers who will be able to know the most effective way to manage your teams.

The DISC Personality Profile will help you determine your value to the team, your ideal environment, your stress tendencies and possible limitations. You can also use this tool to better understand your business partners, managers, employees, and customers. The point is, if you have a better understanding of the people you work with, your entire organization will be able to have a fruitful interaction that can result in high performance, output, and profit.

2) Boost teamwork and communication

The DISC Personality Profile can also help you boost your teamwork and communication so that your business can arrive at desirable outcomes. It can help determine which types of personalities will best fit for a role in the team and which types will most likely work together effectively to achieve goals and objectives.

Most importantly, it can help you improve your communication style with your business partners, managers, employees, and customers. This is because there are different communication styles that can be the most effective to every personality profile.

For example, if you are dealing with someone who is highly ‘Dominant’, you can communicate with them in a manner which is direct, short, confident, and with emphasis on success.

3) Improve customer service

Providing the best service to customers is your ultimate goal as an entrepreneur. Through the DISC Personality Profile, you can tailor your customer service to different personality profiles so that you can satisfy them and win them over.

For example, if you are dealing with a customer who is highly ‘Influential’, you have to communicate with him/her in an enthusiastic, personalized manner. You can use gestures and compliments to socialize with them. For the customer who is highly ‘Steady’, you can take it slow, take the time to listen and ask questions, and have a relaxed approach.

4) Boost sales and profit

Finally, this tool can also help your business achieve higher sales and profit. How? The DISC Personality Profile can help you determine and apply the most effective sales strategies for each personality type.

For example, clients who are highly ‘Compliant’ are the most challenging to close because they are analytical and skeptical. They are the ones who are most likely to ask too many questions and require a lot of details. Since they are like that, you have to give them time to take it all in and think about it. Later on, you can be proactive and follow up on their decision.

ActionCOACH’s commitment is to help you build an enterprise that works without you. The DISC Personality Profile is the first step to understanding yourself and into growing your business. Learn more about the DISC Personality Profile Assessment at the ActionCOACH Philippines website and it will provide you with a 50-pagepersonalized DISC Personality Profile report and a 1-hour one-on-one debrief with a Globally Certified Coach.

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