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Shell Franchisee shares his top 5 tips to succeed in managing your business

Retirement is something to look forward to since it is the time to step back from years and years of hustle and spend quality time with family and loved ones. For Jojo Ong, his early retirement was a gift to himself since it allowed him to fully prioritize his family and health.

From working in sales for 14 years then becoming a businessman for 22 years, Jojo built a wonderful career. “I worked for California Manufacturing Co. Inc. (now Unilever) for 14 years as a sales representative, then I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to pilot the Distributorship program of Unilever. It was a big leap of faith; to say the least, but I guess today, I could proudly say that I handled the Distributorship of FMCG for almost 22 years with utmost dedication and hardwork that led to numerous recognition coming from our principal companies,” he shared.

However, with his vigor and experience, Jojo decided to take on yet another challenge after a few years of retirement. “Two years into retirement, there was something inside me that felt like a calling to explore something new; something unknown to me even after all the years I have spent running a business,” he reminisced.

On October 2020, Jojo applied to Shell as a retailer and began his journey through transitioning from the distributorship business in FMCG to the energy industry. “I was amazed with the Shell organization on how they are engaging retailers of over 1,100 stations. This only shows the reputation of the company in the industry,” he said. Shell is a well-known established company with a trusted global brand. Jojo shares that he chose Shell over other franchise brands because of its retailer program and ROI.

In the middle of November 2021, Jojo opened his Shell Mobility Station in Bauan, Batangas. Despite being new to the business, he said that operations are running smoothly as they are guided by Shell’s retail territory manager. “Business with Shell is very dynamic, considering the fuel’s recent market condition…Marketing plans are in place and proper training for our staff is conducted regularly. With our Shell Mobility Station, our goal is to serve and delight our customers through our integrated offers in the Select Convenience Store and branded service bays.”

Even though the pandemic happened, Jojo’s dream was not deterred. “Venturing into this new line of industry, I had to make sure that I map out the vision and goals I have in mind. Alongside this, I made sure that my family are as committed as I am in terms of growing the business. My family’s support and commitment are one of the most crucial aspects of my decision-making process…I aspire to pass this business on to my children one day and leave my legacy in their hands,” he expressed in delight.

To date, as the country eases the restrictions, Jojo and his family are confident that businesses, especially SMEs, will slowly go back to normal and register growth. “As to our Mobility Station, we are optimistic that with the easing of restrictions, we can see an increase in sales as people start to return to work and normalcy. Now is the time to seek out and seize the opportunities emerging in our recovery phase,” he explained.

Top 5 Tips to Succeed in Managing your business

Jojo is a visionary who loves planning and strategizing for the future. He shares his five plans for the growth of his Shell Mobility Station in the next five years.

1. Enhancing efficiency in terms of marketing our station offers

Jojo said that they are committed to branching out their marketing collaterals to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google AdSense. “We want to feature what our station, and future station, have to offer,” he stated. With the growing number of social media subscribers everyday, this plan could pave the way for better market recognition and capture.

2. Continuous market study and analysis

“We want to learn more about the needs and wants of the consumers in our area. We want to know what we can offer to the consumers and to maximize our reach,” he said. Along with this, studying and analyzing the market can help in the conceptualization of promotions best fitted in the trend of the market in the area.

3. Setting a new goal for every quarter

Jojo knows that recognition motivates people and he said that they will continuously recognize their Forecourt Service Champions to further boost their performance and confidence in providing utmost dedication and service to customers. “Alongside this, we also want to remind our crew that we are all one unit – a family,” he expressed.

4. Further exemplifying the importance of learning

There is always something new to learn every single day. Jojo knows the value of learning and he shared that “We will continue to hold toolbox meetings regularly to discuss our performance and tackle on what needs to be improved.” Moreover, Jojo and his crew will be committed to engage in all training and seminars hosted and provided by Shell.

5. Introducing new products and promos regularly

“We realize that in order to stay relevant, we need to embody what the market is asking for to continuously be of good service and cater to their needs,” Jojo explained. To stay true to this, his Shell Mobility Station will aim to offer new products and promos at least every quarter so that consumers will have something to look forward to.

Lesson and victories

With all his years of invaluable experience, Jojo shares some of the lessons and victories he has gained in the past decades. These bits of wisdom can help shape the mind of entrepreneurs as they venture into business and delve into their daily lives.

  • “Being able to work under pressure

  • Being a great role model for my family

  • Fulfilling the needs and wants of the consumers

  • Overcoming challenges and hurdles along the way

  • Building a new family with the team of employees

  • Contributing in the betterment of the lives of the people around me

  • Nourishing the impact the business has to the community

  • Seizing the opportunity to provide promotions and offers to the target area

  • Seeing my children learn through my guidance every day

  • Having God in the center of every venture we take”

With his Shell Mobility Station, Jojo aspires to do many great things. “I aim to successfully manage the business so I can help provide employment in the local community where we operate. I want to serve and satisfy our motorists, and to be at the top of mind of customers when fueling and servicing vehicles,” he shared.

“Alongside this, I want to be able to build a legacy to pass on to my children. I want to be an inspiration to them to not be afraid to start over in life; no matter how scary the thought of leaving your comfort zone may be. My goal is to be a role model to my children to trust the timing of God’s plan for us; it took me 38 years to realize that I wanted to explore another industry and still, God knew what my heart desired and blessed me with this opportunity. I want to be a living example that nothing is ever “too late”. We can all start over again, we can all dream again. As for the business, my goal is to eventually become a cluster retailer. I dream to expand the business and establish more stations in the years to come”.


Are you interested in becoming a Shell Mobility Station retailer? You may contact the following for more information: (+632) 8634.05.86 or (+632) 8634.37.17 / (+63920) 983.02.47 or (+63917) 881.69.99 /


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