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Make Way for these Emerging Franchise Industries

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

IT solutions, construction, and security franchises are enriching the landscape

Despite the challenges brought upon by the pandemic, new franchise opportunities have also risen. Franchise concepts that have not been considered before the new normal have now become feasible or have even become forefronts in the rapidly changing franchise landscape of today.

From IT solutions to construction and security, these emerging franchise businesses are bringing the industry to new heights, further expanding the power and impact of franchising in the country.


With innovation needed now more than ever, businesses and organizations need to adapt to continue thriving. All resources that will help speed up their digital transformation are now a top priority.

NSPIRE, the first IT solutions franchise in the country, provides life-enhancing solutions that drive businesses and institutions into their desired digital transformation – creating smarter, more streamlined, and automated workflows. NSPIRE is one of the prime movers in the new normal as their innovation is navigated with their vision of tomorrow.

Their core products and services are already primed for the market even pre-pandemic, making it easy for businesses to adapt to digitalization. These include management solutions and integrations, human resource management system, “i-GUARD” real-time contactless monitoring system, RFID/contactless ID cards and attendance monitoring system, and more.

At NSPIRE, they inspire change and help businesses and institutions harness the power of technology to help improve the lives of its shareholders and partners. Aspiring NSPIRE franchisees will have exclusive territory to a specific city or cluster, to acquire clients (businesses or institutions) and render the services.

NSPIRE has partnered with Francorp to lead the development of their franchise program and to make sure that the business will realize its vision of providing IT solutions and digital transformation to various sectors nationwide through franchising.


Security is a necessity for any business. The security agency industry in the Philippines is a growing P40-billion industry that’s recession-proof. There is plenty of room to grow as demand can be found in almost every sector.

VV Security is the Philippines’ first security agency franchise. With over 25 years of experience serving a diverse range of clients, from individual homeowners to large corporations, they aim to help franchisees set up and run a successful security agency.

With their expertise, VV Security has combined franchisees’ network and skills with their win-win franchise program to build an essential business that gives steady profits. VV Security will handle the intricate parts of the business such as registration, equipment, personnel, compliance, and more so that franchisees can focus more on establishing a good client base and maintaining the quality of service.

In partnership with Francorp, VV Security is currently undergoing franchise program development that will establish the franchise blueprint of the business necessary for growth.


Whether it's about creating a house from scratch or remodeling an old one, quality home improvement and construction services will always be an essential service. With the growth of the global construction industry, businesses in this area of expertise are poised for long term success.

Powerhouse Tools was introduced in the Philippines in 2011 by Hap Suy Hardware Co., Inc. under the leadership of the third and fourth generation Sy Family. The brand’s recipe for success is the emergence of a one-stop shop concept for everything one needs for their DIY and construction needs, along with its nationwide availability to its clients and partners.

A wide and diverse range of products can be found in their concept stores and dealers such as power tools equipment, accessories, and abrasives; hand tools, welding tools and equipment, industrial and light construction machineries, agricultural machineries, plumbing, lighting, and other fixtures that one needs for his home.

For 2022, Powerhouse Tools targets to tap into more locations by aggressively expanding its concept stores. Its concept stores offer a pandemic-proof solution as the items are non-perishable and easy to manage and sell at this time due to demand.

Another big player in the construction industry is Stone Depot. Stone Depot offers a superior line of granite, marble, and engineered quartz for home and commercial spaces. But their specialization and pride rests in transforming Filipino kitchens into unconventional spaces that fulfill the customer’s desires.

From supplies to fabrication and installation, Stone Depot is equipped with the unmatched expertise to ensure that customers are completely satisfied in terms of quality, delivery, and service. Moreover, Stone Depot has made it possible for customers to oversee the project by allowing them to visualize the design that they want, choose the slab, and schedule the installation.

Both Powerhouse Tools and Stone Depot are working with Francorp to establish their franchise development programs, ensuring future franchise partners of systematized operations and management.


Gone are the days when franchising was just focused on food brands. As the Philippine franchise industry matures and as the pandemic accelerates the shift towards franchising, more new industries are tapping franchising as a key tool to grow from one to many. IT solutions, security, cloud kitchens, construction, logistic providers are but a few industries that are paving the way to the next era of franchising.

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