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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Franchise Your Business | HBC Franchise Store
HBC Franchise

HBC (Home of Beauty Exclusives) is one of the leading, innovative, and world class retailers of health, beauty, personal, and home care products and services. At first, HBC came up with products exclusively available in their stores. Since 1995, HBC has already grown to 232company owned stores and 5 franchised outlets, with revenues hitting the Php1 Billion mark as early as 2005.

In 2006, when they started franchising with the help of Francorp, their reach went nationwide. Dr. Rosalinda Hortaleza, CEO, recalls “Francorp has been instrumental in HBC’s success in the franchising business. That’s why we will always be indebted to Mr. Samie Lim and Ms. Bing Limjoco who shared their time and expertise in helping HBC establish more opportunities for our fellow Fillipinos, through franchising.”

“The greatest business lesson we’ve learned from franchising,” she declares, “is establishing the mind-set of quality over quantity. Creating a franchise business & opening franchise outlets across the Philippines   meant the beginning of a mutual relationship between us and our franchisee. That’s why we make sure that an HBC franchised store is strategically located, captures the target market and is a profitable venture for entrepreneurs. We’ve established measures that focus on the quality of our after-sales by giving continuous support to our business partners.”

Dr.Hortaleza received several accolades, the latest being the 2012 MVP Bossing Award. Meanwhile, HBC’s extraordinary growth continues, giving the Philippines a constant supplier of high quality personal care and home care products.

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