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Best Health Businesses You Can Franchise

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

These brands make health accessible and profitable.

Filipinos, and all people in general, are becoming more and more inclined to health and wellness. The Department of Health reported in “The Philippine Health System at a Glance” that the average life expectancy of Filipinos has increased from 70.38 years in 2010-2015 to 71.59 years in 2015-2020. This can be attributed to various advantages like healthier diets, new fitness practices, growing available knowledge, and more accessible healthcare services and products. 

The health sector has also entered the world of franchising, bringing in a strong and positive influence because of the purpose of earning profit by improving health. The notion of having a business with a cause is what makes health franchises attractive and sustainable.

Easier and more convenient healthcare

There was a time when healthcare services like dialysis and diagnostics were expensive and inaccessible. However, Filipinos caught up and put health as a top priority, which gave rise to more accessible healthcare services.

NephroMed Asia Dialysis Center (Franchise Fee: P900K+VAT & Total Investment: P10M) and MEDLINE Dialysis Center (Franchise Fee: P1M+VAT & Total Investment: P14M) are health franchises that changed the game by making dialysis, a complex kidney treatment, more convenient and affordable to patients from all walks of life. Meanwhile, diagnostic centers like Laguna Diagnostics and Qualitech Diagnostic and Medical Services paved the way for easy, fast, and reliable diagnostic tests and procedures.

These franchise brands are proof that taking care of health can be cost-efficient, easy, and accessible.

Quality medicines that are surprisingly affordable

The Generics Pharmacy, or TGP, is one of the franchise brands that really shook the balance. From a single store, it grew to 2000-plus stores at such a fast rate. The reason behind this amazing story is obvious—cheap medicines.

This simply is enticing to all. Across all classes, cheap quality generic medicines are quality medicines. They are effective, minus the extra cost from the competition’s brand names. With its strong operations and marketing, TGP not only enables its franchisees but it also empowers its customers. 

Let’s get physical

Whether it’s boxing, aerobics, cardio, or weightlifting, everyone can get their dose of sweat and adrenaline in physical fitness and gym facilities. The last decade has only amplified this trend and multiple brands have invaded the market such as Fitness First, Anytime Fitness, Slimmers World, UFC Gym, and Curves. Although the pandemic has impacted these businesses, most have adapted through online classes and are poised to make a comeback as people start investing more in their health.

Tapout Fitness (Franchise Fee: P2.5M & Total Investment: P6.5M) is a unique franchise brand because it combines fitness and martial arts in creating the “best of the best” fitness opportunity for all its clients. Moreover, it provides a strong franchise system, excellent marketing campaigns, and quality services and trainings. With growing consumer reception, this health franchise is sure to make great earnings while helping its clients become fitter and stronger, unleashing their inner Jackie Chan.

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