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The Milktea Craze is not Over!

4 concepts bring new twist to the beloved drink

Finding a niche in crowded industries can lead to better competitive edge, more loyal customers, and higher profits. Knowing that the business industry in the Philippines has been saturated with lots and lots of ideas, concepts, and players, one of the keys to making it is finding your niche - your edge over other businesses and competitors.

The milk tea industry in the Philippines has been strong and prolific, with around a hundred brands competing for the customer’s favor. Even after a decade, the industry is not yet done innovating, developing, and creating more new concepts, further fueling the milk tea craze in the country. Here are four milk tea brands that bring new twist to the beloved drink:

At the height of the pandemic in May 2020, Milk Tea Safari opened its doors to all “ka-barrios” in Villamor, Pasay City. Its unique ambiance portraying the bright and colorful safari is what drew in many avid customers. It has been an energetic and vibrant start and soon, Milk Tea Safari became the favorite of many milk tea lovers.

Through its excellent customer service and amazing products - from milk tea beverages to fruit teas, frappes, lemonade, and snacks - Milk Tea Safari now has two branches in Pasay City, three branches in Makati City, and two branches in General Trias, Cavite and Naga City, Camarines Sur. It’s on its way to opening up more branches nationwide through franchising.

For Milk Tea Safari Franchise Inquiries, please email

Hey! I Am Yogost or Yogost for short delivers the best of both worlds: great taste and good nutrition. This is how Yogost delights everyone’s hearts and palates with its globally famous yogurt-based drinks.

With its unique combination of fresh yogurt and chewy purple rice, every sip is surprisingly delicious and incredibly nutritious. No wonder why Yogost has been growing on a global scale since its first store opened in Shenzhen, China in 2017. As of 2021, Yogost has a growing network of at least 115 stores all over the world.

Yogost opened in the Philippines in March 2020, through The Purple Rice Group Inc. Equipped with over 20 years of experience in the wholesale and distribution business, the Purple Rice Group Inc. is committed to bring phenomenal, global, and genuinely healthy food discoveries for Filipinos to enjoy. True to this commitment, The Purple Rice Group Inc. managed to open several Yogost stores in Metro Manila in its first year, despite the business challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

For Yogost Franchise Inquiries:

AnTEAdote Milk Tea Shop was established in April 2019. With their tagline “Remedy in a Cup”, AnTEAdote’s distinct goal is to satisfy their customer’s milk tea cravings, curing their mood, feeling, or emotion.

After conscientious, detailed training and taste improvements, the owners of AnTEAdote finally engaged in the food and retail industry. The first AnTEAdote Milk Tea Shop was built next to the owners’ residential property in Marilao, Bulacan. It was a cozy place with limited seats for dine-ins. However, the demand for the milk tea products completely overwhelmed the constricted space. Thus, an immediate expansion to accommodate the clamoring patrons occurred within six months.

As the burgeoning demand for AnTEAdote’s milk tea ensued, requests for neighboring suburbs to open an outlet came. Thus, AnTEAdote in Meycauayan in Bulacan, Valenzuela, and North Caloocan in Metro Manila, and SM Marilao Hypermarket in Bulacan followed suit, widening its reach to its growing number of patrons.

For Anteadote Franchise Inquiries: or 0916 995 9442

Kahatea is a proudly Pinoy milk tea brand that started in July 2020. They aim to double the fun in every Juan’s beverage experience with their unique Filipino-themed concoctions of milk tea, fruit blends, coffee, and other beverages. Kahatea pays homage to our Filipino heritage by promoting local delicacies carefully re-created in their specialty drinks and upholding the use of traditional Filipino design elements in their stores.

Kahatea makes exploring the flavors of the Philippines guilt-free with their vegan-friendly and casein-free ingredients. Some of their best-selling milk tea flavors are Leche Flan, Ube Halaya, and Iskrambol. What makes Kahatea even more appealing to the masses is its buy 1 get 1 bundle worth only P189.

For Kahatea Franchise Inquiries:

(02) 7001 8470 or (0917) 104 1460 / (0917) 192 0606 /


The milk tea craze is not yet done and is still opening up so much more opportunities for both customers and business owners. Do you have an exciting milk tea business concept too? Discover how franchising can help make it grow from one to many with Francorp’s FREE WEBINAR - How to Franchise Your Business. Visit this link for more information:

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