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Instant Leads by ActionCOACH

Instant Leads by ActionCOACH

₱1,495.00 Regular Price
₱1,295.00Sale Price

Start a steady stream of leads flowing into your business.


Trying to grow a business without a steady supply of fresh leads is like trying to drive across the country on a single tank of gas. With everything on your plate, who has time to chase after new leads?


Don't panic. Self-made millionaire Brad Sugars shows you why generating a constant flow of hot leads isn't nearly as complicated as you might think. Discover how to:


  • Run killer print ads, radio campaigns, and mailings 
  • Form strategic alliances with suppliers and local businesses 
  • Use promotional offers and guarantees to set yourself apart from the herd 
  • Make sure your plans are cost-effective with a break even analysis

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